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Element (Jin Yu decoration Ltd.) Start up Mainland China Business in Qian Hai Shenzhen

Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone (simplified Chinese: 前海深港现代服务业合作区; traditional Chinese: 前海深港現代服務業合作區; pinyin: Qiánhǎi Shēngăng Xiàndài Fúwùyè Hézuòqū) is a commercial development in Shenzhen, China also known as Qianhai New District. Located at the west of Shekou Peninsula and encircled by Shuangjie River, Moon Bay Avenue, Mawan Avenue and Qianhai Bay, Qianhai covers an area of approximately 15 square kilometres (5.8 sq mi). Qianhai's construction will be completed by 2020.[1]